Surrender, Ease, and Joy

At the Bingalls School of Somatic Happiness we believe the triad that best describes our teaching is surrender, ease, and joy. We learn to surrender to gravity with ease, to find joy. And it works!

A person must let go in order to find room to move. Happiness comes from finding that space between the stimulus and your response, giving you the ability to choose how you respond. Choice IS the juice of life.

So practice letting go of whatever story you are telling yourself if it makes you feel bad, and surrender to the joy of living well. Or, come to my Awareness Through Movement classes and we’ll teach you how to find the ease and make it a practice in your daily life.



Awakened World International Film Festival and Retreat

The “Awakened World Film Festival Retreat” is a spiritually and socially responsible film festival taking place for the first time in Santa Barbara, CA from October 27-30 this year. The unique feature of AWIFF is that it is wrapped around a RETREAT combining films and interactive workshops that will guide participants from inspiration into enlightened action in the program streams of SPIRIT * SOCIETY * SELF.

The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) a non-profit organization with international outreach, is inaugurating the festival as an annual destination for conscious film enthusiasts. The event is supported in part by Title Sponsor, The Science of Mind Foundation, and by the Community Events & Festivals Grant Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, many other organizations, and me.

Of particular interest to me is the movie Slomo. A short documentary about a gentleman who found divinity by hooking up to gravity (just like we do in Awareness Through Movement lessons). I’ll be interviewing the filmmaker Josh Izenberg afterward, and then we’ll discuss how you can find divinity, too.  I hope you can attend, but if not, you can watch it on the internet.

Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges will appear at the festival to conduct a workshop on, “A PLACE AT THE TABLE,” a film in which he is featured for his work on hunger. Michael Imperioli of The Sopranos fame will represent the original feature narrative, “THE HUNGRY GHOSTS,” which he wrote and directed. The new-culture film, “WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW?” premiered in the Fall of 2004, a dynamic new catalyst for consciousness in media. A decade later, ”What the Bleep” creator and director, William Arntz, will celebrate its worldwide 10th anniversary at the fest with members of cast and crew Fred Alan Wolf, Betsy Chasse, and Mark Vicente. Barnet Bain heads a celeb panel on Conscious Media. Beloved spiritual teacher, Ram Das, will join the audience by live stream from Maui for Gay Dillingham’s film, “Dying to Know,” a story about his lifelong friendship with Timothy Leary.

Over four nights and three days, attendees will enjoy gala evening presentations, celebrity panels, and live New Thought music in Santa Barbara’s landmark Lobero Theater. Daytimes, attendees will select from a daily menu of films and workshops taking place at three downtown viewing venues: the Lobero, Center Stage Theater, and Unity Auditorium. Each session will begin with a brief contemplative practice guided by teachers from a diverse variety of spiritual traditions. After each film, a Q&A panel with filmmakers, actors, renowned teachers, directors or producers will take place followed by a facilitated workshop in which the entire audience engages in dialogue shaped by the film’s core concepts that inspire and transform us.

“Film, at its best, touches, moves and inspires us to be our best selves – This festival expresses the voice of a spiritually mature and socially responsible movement that is committed to changing the world for the better,” said Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape International and president of AGNT. “We intend to dazzle and entertain, but also to evoke an inner response that not only transforms the consciousness of attendees, but inspires action.”





Bingalls School of Somatic Happiness

bingallslogoIn honor of my tenth year as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I’m starting the Bingalls School of Somatic Happiness (BSSH).


The school is designed to help you find happiness where it has always been: Inside!!!

Whether you’re caught up in a detrimental egoic reaction to life, or it is chronic pain that’s got you down, both can prevent you from being truly happy. And that’s the kind of happiness I’m talking about. It’s the kind of happiness that comes about through learning to relax and choosing how to respond to life….click on my Awakening Booklet and turn to Guidelines for Healthy Movement Throughout Life for more ways to find happiness.


Harmonic Principle of Three

We have a body, mind, and spirit. If they are in harmony with one another we can be present with ourselves and with one another. We can experience the true joy of being human.

The body teaches us awareness. Awareness teaches choice. Choice is not learned in the head or heart, but in the body. Easy movement, sensation, and attention, teach us how to choose.

The head teaches us acceptance. We use the head to listen. We accept what we hear. If the head listens to the heart and body, it will know what to do. The head needs to practice compassion and acceptance.

The heart only needs to love. It can choose nothing but love to be of spirit. The love of the heart is in harmony with the acceptance of the mind and the awareness of the body.

The triad of the body, mind, and spirit is a natural informatic for all of us to use because we collectively experience each other this way. Somehow we recognize one another when our body mind and spirit are in harmony.

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Flowing Through Life Made Easy

Please join me in a fabulous workshop that I have put together with Anne-Marie Charest on Flowing Through Life Made Easy, in Minneapolis on August 25th, from 1:30-4:30. If you would like us to come to your town as well, we are ready to go. Please see the attached flyer for details. We want to see you there.

Stories From The Nest: Act Local, Think Global

Imagine a world where every person, everyBody  considered themselves to be just enough. Where, no matter who you are or where you live, you’d know that you are a biological wonder, and you are constantly and forever making yourself up as you go along. Imagine you are just like all the other 7 billion people on the planet. And to think Globally is to imagine how it is  we are all alike. What is it about our biology that we all share? And how can we learn from ourselves? How is our  body organized from the moment we were conceived to the present? How can we learn by observing ourselves and know that our needs are valid. Our strategies may vary,but we like nature,are organized to behave in such a way that our needs get met. Our need for pleasure, connection, safety, love, -to name a few, all of us thrive when these needs are met. And we have many more. The Nest is a place where all our needs are met.

The theme to think Globally and act locally must have something to do with what commonalities we all share.
How does one be global and act local at the same time? ??? By relaxing! Our bodies are begging us to just enjoy the experience of being. I call that nesting. Where is that place in you that feels like bliss? Is it the sensation of your foot sliding on the sheet when you wake up? Find your pleasure and enjoy it!

Stories From In The Nest: Be + Do = Have

Image 1Back in the days when I was a Financial Consultant  we had many motivational speakers. There was one guy that always stood apart as best in class: Bob Dunwoody.  Bob  taught us this informatic:  BE + DO = HAVE. It was his mantra. The idea is that you act as if you already have that what it is you want. And when you experience this belief or sensation of knowing you have something whenever you want it,  you easily begin doing whatever is needed to have it much more in your life.  Like love. If you believe you have it in your life, the more loving you become. And you learn love is not scarce, but love is abundant.

So you can start by Loving yourself for having all the cells you need to be your abundant self- giving the best of who you are to your breath and sensation. To your vibrant being behold. You have the light within to be and have whatever is needed.

Act as though you already have what it is that you want and you become that person.  You’ll start doing what needs to be done to become who it is you want to be, and pretty soon you’ll actually have what it is that you want.

What Does Abundance Really Mean To Me?

I recently came across an article written by Hazel Henderson In Ms. Magazine,January 1991, called The Ecology of Love. I thought I would share with you some of the ideas that is brings up and how we are all so ripe for LOVE.
She talks about how the human experience is now divided into three realms: The Breakdown zone, the Bifurcation zone, and the Breakthrough zone. We be living in all three right now! But, we can choose which one to pay attention too. And that’s what I’m talking about.
The Breakdown zone needs no explanation: Politics, Corporations, Environment, all breaking down. Good people confused as to why the old way isn’t working. Trying to make the current system work better. NOT.
The  Bifurcation zone is where our values and relationships with family, community, and society sans politics, reside.  This is where the changing world is really apparent. Different family structures and new sustainably driven communities are forming. Old ways of thinking breaking down and new ways of seeing ourselves in the world emerging.
The Breakthrough zone is what happens when the new values create new structures and norms and  the scarce,  non-sustainable ways of thinking and being disappear. ABUNDANCE REIGNS!




I Believe In Abundance

I’m pleased to present you with my improved website. I now have a platform to communicate  the inspirations that come my way.
My philosophy is one of abundance. I believe in the biology of mind, and by paying attention to our sensations with curiosity, openness, acceptance, and love, we can find the space where abundance resides.  That space is where joy and connection live,  and  competition and cooperation act out together  to coordinate life itself. We are biological wonders!

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The Language of the Body Through Movement

Matisse Dance
The body has the ability to heal itself. It wants you to notice it. In fact, we have a biological identity crisis going on right now because human beings don’t even know their bodies!

Life for humans just 2000 generations ago was amazing. Our ancestors discovered they had a knowing brain. Saber: to know in espanol. Imagine what a gift they discovered. So on our ancestors multiplied and pretty soon everyone decided that their knowing brain must have all the answers because it knew so much. And Science and Religion were born. Miracles happened. Technology opened up information to EverybODY. Information is power and was shared forever. Life was good. But wait! There is War and hatred and we’re using up our natural resources and no one trusts their institutions or instincts to give them what they need. Help, cries the world today.

The answer for all this misguided movement and unhappy people is in our bodies. I promise you. Our body has the need to be discovered. To be differentiated in space and gravity. We do this easily through movement: effortless movement.

Awareness Through Movement™ lessons teach people how to discover their bodies. Through this discovery they will learn their true authentic self. It is that simple. When you become aware of your body and find the ease you can hook up with gravity. And because our relationship with gravity is older than we are, you can discover your ageless self. Whether you do or NOT is based on how invested you are in your Ego. Or, how invested you are in keeping things the way they are.

I call this biological need to find our bones in gravity; “Differentiation Creates Abundance”. The more aware I become of my body and all its moving parts and how I move through life the more abundant I feel. The more of me there is. All of us have a need to feel all of who we are.

By practicing the following four movement ideas a person can begin to teach themselves awareness. With awareness one can self heal. With awareness a person can find their true nature.

The Law of Effortlessness

The Law of Unlimited Potential

The Law of Reversibility

The Law of Resonance

All of these laws teach us how it is we move. How much effort is put into our daily lives. They teach us how to embody choice. They teach us how to use our imagination. They teach us how to live as human stewards on Earth.

The language of the body is the language of Peace.

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