Harmonic Principle of Three


We have a body, mind, and spirit. If they are in harmony with one another we can be present with ourselves and with one another. We can experience the true joy of being human.

The body teaches us awareness. Awareness teaches choice. Choice is not learned in the head or heart, but in the body. Easy movement, sensation, and attention, teach us how to choose.

The head teaches us acceptance. We use the head to listen. We accept what we hear. If the head listens to the heart and body, it will know what to do. The head needs to practice compassion and acceptance.

The heart only needs to love. It can choose nothing but love to be of spirit. The love of the heart is in harmony with the acceptance of the mind and the awareness of the body.

The triad of the body, mind, and spirit is a natural informatic for all of us to use because we collectively experience each other this way. Somehow we recognize one another when our body mind and spirit are in harmony.

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