What Does Abundance Really Mean To Me?


I recently came across an article written by Hazel Henderson In Ms. Magazine,January 1991, called The Ecology of Love. I thought I would share with you some of the ideas that is brings up and how we are all so ripe for LOVE.
She talks about how the human experience is now divided into three realms: The Breakdown zone, the Bifurcation zone, and the Breakthrough zone. We be living in all three right now! But, we can choose which one to pay attention too. And that’s what I’m talking about.
The Breakdown zone needs no explanation: Politics, Corporations, Environment, all breaking down. Good people confused as to why the old way isn’t working. Trying to make the current system work better. NOT.
The  Bifurcation zone is where our values and relationships with family, community, and society sans politics, reside.  This is where the changing world is really apparent. Different family structures and new sustainably driven communities are forming. Old ways of thinking breaking down and new ways of seeing ourselves in the world emerging.
The Breakthrough zone is what happens when the new values create new structures and norms and  the scarce,  non-sustainable ways of thinking and being disappear. ABUNDANCE REIGNS!