Stories From The Nest: Act Local, Think Global


Imagine a world where every person, everyBody  considered themselves to be just enough. Where, no matter who you are or where you live, you’d know that you are a biological wonder, and you are constantly and forever making yourself up as you go along. Imagine you are just like all the other 7 billion people on the planet. And to think Globally is to imagine how it is  we are all alike. What is it about our biology that we all share? And how can we learn from ourselves? How is our  body organized from the moment we were conceived to the present? How can we learn by observing ourselves and know that our needs are valid. Our strategies may vary,but we like nature,are organized to behave in such a way that our needs get met. Our need for pleasure, connection, safety, love, -to name a few, all of us thrive when these needs are met. And we have many more. The Nest is a place where all our needs are met.

The theme to think Globally and act locally must have something to do with what commonalities we all share.
How does one be global and act local at the same time? ??? By relaxing! Our bodies are begging us to just enjoy the experience of being. I call that nesting. Where is that place in you that feels like bliss? Is it the sensation of your foot sliding on the sheet when you wake up? Find your pleasure and enjoy it!