• The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic
    Education teaches body awareness.
    To practice
    awareness in your body,
    acceptance in your mind,
    and love in your heart,
    is to know yourself
    and your connection to others.

Latest Blog

Surrender, Ease, and Joy

At the Bingalls School of Somatic Happiness we believe the triad that best describes our teaching is surrender, ease, and joy. We learn to surrender to gravity with ease, to find joy. And it works! A person must let go in order to find room to move. Happiness comes from finding that space between the stimulus and your response, giving you the ability to choose how you respond. Choice IS the … [Read More...]

Awakened World International Film Festival and Retreat

The "Awakened World Film Festival Retreat" is a spiritually and socially responsible film festival taking place for the first time in Santa Barbara, CA from October 27-30 this year. The unique feature of AWIFF is that it is wrapped around a RETREAT combining films and interactive workshops that will guide participants from inspiration into enlightened action in the program streams of SPIRIT * … [Read More...]

Bingalls School of Somatic Happiness

In honor of my tenth year as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I'm starting the Bingalls School of Somatic Happiness (BSSH). Welcome! The school is designed to help you find happiness where it has always been: Inside!!! Whether you're caught up in a detrimental egoic reaction to life, or it is chronic pain that's got you down, both can prevent you from being truly happy. And that's the kind of … [Read More...]

Harmonic Principle of Three

We have a body, mind, and spirit. If they are in harmony with one another we can be present with ourselves and with one another. We can experience the true joy of being human. The body teaches us awareness. Awareness teaches choice. Choice is not learned in the head or heart, but in the body. Easy movement, sensation, and attention, teach us how to choose. The head teaches us acceptance. We … [Read More...]