The Feldenkrais Method®

Do you wish you felt better? Do you have a body part that hurts? Do you have trouble focusing your attention? Have you stopped enjoying your favorite activities?  Are you lacking balance or coordination? Are you seeking body awareness? Do you think you could benefit from a mindfulness practice? If so, the Feldenkrais Method is for you.

The Feldenkrais Method can help anyone who wants to reconnect with their inborn abilities to move, think and feel. Whether you want to be more comfortable working on your computer or performing a favorite pastime, whether you want to improve your sleep or your gait…these gentle lessons can enhance your overall well-being.

Your daily life becomes easier as you learn to move with less effort. You can cultivate awareness of your body’s sensations by paying greater attention to yourself. This practice of “mindfulness” will lead you to experience increased mental capacity in addition to physical stamina.

In everyday life, we tend to learn just enough to function. For example, we learn to use our hands well enough to eat, our legs well enough to walk. But our potential to function with a greater range of skill and ease can be developed more quickly than most people expect. Many students experience an “aha moment” early on that provides a lasting – and fruitful – benefit.

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