About Betsy Ingalls

Betsy is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.  She has been teaching Awareness Through Movement® Classes and giving Functional Integration® Lessons at her studio in Santa Barbara, California, since 2002.

Betsy first learned of the Feldenkrais Method at The Golden Door and Rancho La Puerta in the 1970’s. She has been studying this method and other body/mind/spirit modalities for over thirty years, and considers the Feldenkrais Method to be one of the best ways for an individual to learn how to heal themselves.

Betsy received her GCFP designation in 2004, and continues to study with many of the best Trainers in the Feldenkrais field: Larry Goldfarb, Mia Segal, Ruthy Alon,  David Zemach-Bersin, and Diana Razumny, among others.

Prior to becoming a Feldenkrais Practitioner, Betsy was a Vice-President at RBC Dain Rauscher, Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she worked for 26 years. She managed over $100 million and worked with 300 households to assist them in gaining financial security.

Although money and movement might not seem related, they are: The older we get, the more we want an abundance of both!

Betsy recently has been a presenter and guest speaker at Rancho La Puerta, The Sun Valley Wellness Festival, and Jackson Hole Wellness Festival. She has been a TV Personality in Minneapolis providing financial advice, and has given various seminars on numerous topics throughout the years.

Betsy received her B.S. In Business Administration from the University of Minnesota, 1976, and her A.A. in Liberal Arts, Bennett Jr. College, Millbrook, New York, 1970.

Betsy was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the daughter of Dr. Ed and Mary Ingalls. She went to “Vis” in St. Paul and was one of the very few to cross over the Mississippi from Minneapolis to go to high school.

Betsy is married to Patrick Corrigan, and has nine fantastic grandchildren and one great grandson.  Besides her passion for anything Feldenkrais, she is a White Belt NIA dancer, a Pilates student, an Enneagram teacher, and the proud parent of Bentley, her dog.