The Language of the Body Through Movement


Matisse Dance
The body has the ability to heal itself. It wants you to notice it. In fact, we have a biological identity crisis going on right now because human beings don’t even know their bodies!

Life for humans just 2000 generations ago was amazing. Our ancestors discovered they had a knowing brain. Saber: to know in espanol. Imagine what a gift they discovered. So on our ancestors multiplied and pretty soon everyone decided that their knowing brain must have all the answers because it knew so much. And Science and Religion were born. Miracles happened. Technology opened up information to EverybODY. Information is power and was shared forever. Life was good. But wait! There is War and hatred and we’re using up our natural resources and no one trusts their institutions or instincts to give them what they need. Help, cries the world today.

The answer for all this misguided movement and unhappy people is in our bodies. I promise you. Our body has the need to be discovered. To be differentiated in space and gravity. We do this easily through movement: effortless movement.

Awareness Through Movement™ lessons teach people how to discover their bodies. Through this discovery they will learn their true authentic self. It is that simple. When you become aware of your body and find the ease you can hook up with gravity. And because our relationship with gravity is older than we are, you can discover your ageless self. Whether you do or NOT is based on how invested you are in your Ego. Or, how invested you are in keeping things the way they are.

I call this biological need to find our bones in gravity; “Differentiation Creates Abundance”. The more aware I become of my body and all its moving parts and how I move through life the more abundant I feel. The more of me there is. All of us have a need to feel all of who we are.

By practicing the following four movement ideas a person can begin to teach themselves awareness. With awareness one can self heal. With awareness a person can find their true nature.

The Law of Effortlessness

The Law of Unlimited Potential

The Law of Reversibility

The Law of Resonance

All of these laws teach us how it is we move. How much effort is put into our daily lives. They teach us how to embody choice. They teach us how to use our imagination. They teach us how to live as human stewards on Earth.

The language of the body is the language of Peace.

Please visit the Feldenkrais Method page for more information.


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    Great, Betsy…
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