Bingalls School of Somatic Happiness


bingallslogoIn honor of my tenth year as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I’m starting the Bingalls School of Somatic Happiness (BSSH).


The school is designed to help you find happiness where it has always been: Inside!!!

Whether you’re caught up in a detrimental egoic reaction to life, or it is chronic pain that’s got you down, both can prevent you from being truly happy. And that’s the kind of happiness I’m talking about. It’s the kind of happiness that comes about through learning to relax and choosing how to respond to life….click on my Awakening Booklet and turn to Guidelines for Healthy Movement Throughout Life for more ways to find happiness.



  1. Yea Bets!!!!

  2. The Bingalls School of Somatic Happiness is a leader in the next step of our evolution. It teaches us to consciously connect with gravity and let go in its easy free flow . . . Thank You Betsy!