Stories From In The Nest: Be + Do = Have


Image 1Back in the days when I was a Financial Consultant  we had many motivational speakers. There was one guy that always stood apart as best in class: Bob Dunwoody.  Bob  taught us this informatic:  BE + DO = HAVE. It was his mantra. The idea is that you act as if you already have that what it is you want. And when you experience this belief or sensation of knowing you have something whenever you want it,  you easily begin doing whatever is needed to have it much more in your life.  Like love. If you believe you have it in your life, the more loving you become. And you learn love is not scarce, but love is abundant.

So you can start by Loving yourself for having all the cells you need to be your abundant self- giving the best of who you are to your breath and sensation. To your vibrant being behold. You have the light within to be and have whatever is needed.

Act as though you already have what it is that you want and you become that person.  You’ll start doing what needs to be done to become who it is you want to be, and pretty soon you’ll actually have what it is that you want.