Functional Integration® Lessons

Functional Integration is a hands-on form of kinesthetic communication between the feldenkrais practitioner and the student. The practitioner developes each lesson in respomse to “how your body feels and moves” at the time of that particuliar session. The lesson relates to your desire for improvement, and the learning process proceeds without any invasive or aggressive movements.

The practitioner enables you to rediscover the comfort, pleasure, and ease of movement within your cellular memory. This way of moving is natural, painless, and efficient, allowing you to conserve physical and mental energy.

Functional Integration is usually performed as you lie on a table designed specifically for this work. The practitioner can also conduct the session as you sit or stand, or in the positions of your daily activities. The method is designed to give you maximum support, preparing your body to experience its full capacity.

For more information please visit Awareness Through Movement.

See calendar for my schedule.

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